What is BSN coaching? 

Tailored coaching sessions to maximise your potential, so you can achieve success and happiness in all areas of your professional and private life. Our BSN founder Paul Kelly is a highly qualified performance and life coach; certified NLP practitioner, combined with 20+ years working within the recruitment industry. He knows exactly how to assist with your development, training, branding and wellbeing to ensure you achieve your ambitious life and career goals! 

Coaching Options

Would you like to... 

  • Get clear motivators, values, skills and strengths within your career
  • Develop a strong personal brand demonstrated through your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to network authentically and deepen your professional relationships
  • Succeed at recruitment exercises such as interviews and assessment centres
  • Build confidence and assertiveness at work
  • Plan and execute a career change
  • Set up your own business or go freelance

If you have any queries regarding our coaching, please enter them below and we will get back to you ASAP!