BSN Bespoke

About BSN Bespoke: 

Drawing on our experience of hosting over 150 live events and welcoming thousands of attendees across the world, The BSN is excited to introduce our bespoke business programmes tailormade for your company - BSN Bespoke. We believe supporting your workforce by proactively ensuring employee upskilling, training, and positive wellbeing, creates the foundation for your employees' success.

Using our tried and tested winning formula, BSN Bespoke offers your business unique access to some of the best and well-known coaches, mentors and inspirational speakers around. These range from ex and current elite sportspeople, prominent business owners, leaders and mentors, life coaches, skills trainers, TV personalities and even a former Red Arrow (who is hugely popular).

Our service is a one stop shop model, removing all the logistical planning and preparation, whilst leaving your teams motivated, inspired and educated.

You always remain in control of your programme, and can curate it to incorporate all your needs; just let us know your desired topic, whether you would prefer a one-off session or a series of events, preferred duration, number of attendees and leave the rest to us!

Helping your business to: 

- Boost productivity and employee morale

- Upskill and enhance employees’ careers

- Build stronger teams and improve employee engagement

- Invest in your company’s future with a bespoke solution

Given our access to a vast collection of speakers, your programme can range from a huge variety of topics. Some of our more popular sessions include:



Wow what a session!  Huge kudos to you for putting together such an excellent and inspirational panel of women.

My mind is blown…. HUGE congratulations, what an incredible event!! So much learning in such a short space of time.

What amazing speakers and they came across so warmly…. I almost felt they were in the room with me.


The first step to planning your programme could not be simpler. It starts with a no obligation discovery call where we can discuss your needs or what challenges you feel need to be addressed.

To book your call, please contact [email protected] or message us below: