“Because you’re worth it...” With Lucy Everett & Sara Rodwell

assistant ea pa va values Apr 21, 2021

Lucy (Founder of Virtually Supported) and Sara (Founder of PA Partnership) will be having a conversation around Core Values, Self Worth and Value. We will get into the bones of why you need to value yourself whether it be as a PA or EA in a large corporation, a community or signing up new clients as a Virtual Assistant. By the end of this session you will understand how important it is invest in yourself and those around you – and will take away a new confidence to live and breathe your values through your role, or your business.

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Coming up... Lucy Everett on ‘Because you're worth it’

assistant coming up ea pa Apr 12, 2021
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Coming up... Sara Rowdell on ‘Because you're worth it’

assistant coming up ea pa Apr 12, 2021
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Legal PA's, make the most of lockdown 2.0!


Free live advice and Q&A session from leaders of some of the most reputable firms in the world!

A number of PA’s missed the opportunity last time to develop, try something new and have a purpose. The world is changing so fast and the PA role has already changed so much. It’s essential that all PA’s keep up with that change to stay current and preserve their futures. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from some of the leading figures in the industry, on how to make the most of the weeks ahead to safeguard your career.

For this unmissable session, Paul Kelly will be joined by Secretarial Managers from Pinsent Masons, Allen & Overy

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The Influential Assistant

assistant ea pa training Oct 07, 2020

The Influential Assistant presented by Lauren Bradley founder of The Officials -

Close your eyes. Imagine the feeling of complete confidence. Confidence to speak with the leadership team with ease, confidence in your abilities. The feeling of knowing your opinion is not only valued but sought out. In this inspirational session Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials, will show you the Influence Formula to more effectively using your voice, gaining confidence, and garnering respect. No matter what your job title. 

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