Paul Kelly talks to Lynda De Amicis!

ea interview Jul 05, 2021

Join Paul for a chat with a true inspirational figure in the EA community - Lynda De Amicis.

Lynda joined Facebook in 2017 supporting the Director for Global Operations and is the Exec Lead Admin for Biz EMEA based in Dublin. Prior to joining Facebook, Lynda worked in Australia as a Private EA for NewsCorp. She has worked across many different sectors from Tech, Media, Mining, Private Education, FMCG to Construction.

Lynda and Paul will be catching up about her career and the initiatives she runs. She will also be sharing her thoughts on how to separate yourself from the crowd when it comes to recruitment and how to excel in your career as an EA.

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1 year of The BSN!

interview Apr 27, 2021

Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials, talks to Paul Kelly as the Founder of The BSN about the journey of The BSN over the last year and about what's to come in the future... 

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