Using your body and mind to help you deal with stress

mindset stress Oct 29, 2020

Using your body and mind to help you deal with stress.

We welcomed Natasja King onto the BSN on October 21st, and the feedback was incredible! 

In this great webinar, she spoke to us about: 

How the body and mind is connected

The instant stress relief technique

Meditation and mindfulness

Automatic Negative Thoughts


The feedback was so good, the community asked for her to return, and we're pleased to say she agreed to speak to us again at 12:30pm GMT November 4th. Don't miss it! 

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Recruitment tips to help separate you from the crowd

recruitment advice Oct 14, 2020

BSN founder Paul Kelly talks live at the Miss Jones Virtual Showcase in October 2020.

Looking for a job is difficult, confusing, and right now, extremely competitive! What is happening in the market right now? How can PA’s stand out in such a crowded market? What do recruiters actually look for from PA’s? With so much uncertainty around right now we all have a lot of questions. Luckily for us, Paul is on hand to answer all of our queries around PA recruitment, in his usual honest and a straight talking way. Paul will also be sharing his top insider tips that recruiters don’t normally tell you. Hiring managers love these tried and tested (and in some cases out of the box) methods and they will definitely separate you from the crowd!

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Why energy management is the productive secret to a healthier, happier you!

mindset Oct 11, 2020

It was a great honour to introduce Simon Alexander Ong  - an award winning life & executive coach, business strategist & public speaker. He joined the BSN to discuss: 

‘Why energy management is the productive secret to a healthier, happier you!’

Simon has been featured / spoken at in Forbes, Google, LSE, Peter Jones foundation, The FT, BBC Radio London, HuffPost, Metro, Women's Health, Virgin, Barclays UK, Harvard Business Review, Salesforce, LBC Radio's Business Hour, Mindvalley, The Independent to name just a few, so it’s a true honour for us that he joined us on our network. 

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The Influential Assistant

assistant ea pa training Oct 07, 2020

The Influential Assistant presented by Lauren Bradley founder of The Officials -

Close your eyes. Imagine the feeling of complete confidence. Confidence to speak with the leadership team with ease, confidence in your abilities. The feeling of knowing your opinion is not only valued but sought out. In this inspirational session Lauren Bradley, Founder of The Officials, will show you the Influence Formula to more effectively using your voice, gaining confidence, and garnering respect. No matter what your job title. 

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Alice Law - How to decrease stress by creating space for your mind in a world of distraction

mindset stress Oct 06, 2020

In this popular webinar, Alice Law discusses:

  • Stress today and how it is effecting you even without you even realising
  • Why it truly matters for you to prevent stress not just cure it
  • Tactical solutions to stop the digital world from adding more stress to your day
  • Simple methods to effectively create space and stillness within your own mind
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