The Law of Attraction


The BSN Presents… The Law of Attraction!

Would you like to understand more about the Law of Attraction? This up and coming philosophy is changing lives around the globe. Join 2 phenomenal LOA speakers in this fully interactive session to learn everything you need to know to turn your life around for the better…

The evening will be broken down into 3 sections:

  1. What is Law of Attraction? – With Carolyne Bennett
  2. How to create a life of abundance – With Skevi Constantinou
  3. Practical LOA exercises and techniques – With both Carolyne and Skevi

Carolyne is a Coach and Mentor at The Advanced Attraction Company, who has works alongside high profile businesses such as the BBC, The Sun and Metro. As an advanced Law of Attraction teacher, coach and corporate speaker, she will help you tune into and use your inner power and the laws of the universe so you can create the life you truly want.

Skevi is the Founder of the popular network The PA Way, and is a qualified Law of Attraction trainer. Skevi helps help people all over the world to enhance their careers with a soulful approach, helping others manifest their dreams and ambitions. 

Capacity is limited to only 1,000 people for this event, so don’t delay – register your place today! Just go to:



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