Coming up - 'Discovering the vision behind your goals and thinking with positivity!'

coming up Feb 01, 2021

This session will help you to learn...
- How to discover the vision behind your goals so you have greater motivation, focus and self-awareness.
- Understanding the connection between body language and your thoughts and how to influence that.
- 1 technique you can use immediately to dis-empower any negative thoughts and be more positive and confident.

James is a Clarity and Confidence coach. He helps professionals discover what they want from their future and give them the confidence to attempt bigger and better things in their life. After a challenging and difficult 2017 and 2018, James decided to change the default future of his life.

James is now an Accredited NLP Practitioner and Life Coach with a podcast which has 35,000+ downloads in over 125 countries spanning 300 episodes! Safe to say this BSN webinar is not to be missed!


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